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7 July 2009.





I've dedicated this site to Cynthia Hind UFO Afrinews work, and would like to provide as much of the resources she spent years gathering and giving out virtually free to whoever was interested. The UFO Afrinews series of booklets were first published in July 1988 and the final copy (No.22) published in July 2000 just before her passing.


This year I decided to spend some time putting together all her UFO Afrinews booklets which she usually published once or twice in a year here for free, and if you're are feeling generous and would like to help with the upkeep of this website and further research can pay me via my paypal account by clicking the donate button on the bottom right.


All booklets are now available through the resource link above. I hope you'll find the material useful and do contact me if you have any interesting stories, photos on the subject. You can find my contact details by clicking here or on the Contact menu above.







What can I say this is a new site for all true UFO researchers out there interested in sighting from Africa and beyond!


Anyway this is the first UFO Afrinews issue to be published in 1988. All files are in PDF format. Please note each issue is around 5MBs in size. Click on the image to view all resources.



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